1. ·         Rooms will be allotted family wise in a standard hotel, washing of clothes inside the hotel is strictly prohibited.

  2. ·         At the time of travelling by bus, everyday seating arrangement has to be changed accordingly.

  3. ·         For the train ticket reservation and railway pass holder we are entirely dependent on the Railway Authority. It is not possible to allot a particular seat (lower/middle/upper) in the sleeper, AC 3 tier or AC 2 tier.

  4. ·         Keeping the key of your hotel room is your own responsibility.

  5. ·         For any single tourist occupying a double bedroom in any hotel, additional charges for the extra bed needs to be paid.

  6. ·         It is advisable to keep a Photo-ID card for any verification purpose.

  7. ·         Kindly clear all dues (if any), 7 days prior to departure.

  8. ·         Tour Programme may be changed/ altered/ varied/ extended even in course of tour due to unavoidable circumstances viz. natural calamity, breakdown of bus, local strike/ agitation, road blockage or any other such happenings.

  9. ·         If you have few luggages it would be grateful, if you could carry your own luggages and not depend on others.

  10. Management is not responsible for any loss of valuables or luggages, either during transit or at the venue. Management will also be not liable for any type of accident, strike, theft, damage of luggage, etc during the entire tour.